Prepared Meals

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We personally eat these meals for lunch nearly every work day. Unlike other low-cost options, these are familiar dishes are made with recognizable ingredients. Since they are not using any food substitutes, they have not added any preservatives, extra sugar or extra sodium.  eat+LIVE meals are  great-tasting, filling and help us stay within our daily calorie goals. While we do not have a partnership with eat+LIVE, this is our recommendation to help our clients eat well without the hassle of planning meals.

Delicious meals

eat+LIVE meals are healthy, fully prepared lunches and dinners delivered frozen to your home. Every recipe is an American favorite influenced by the best cultures from around the country.

A new way to live

eat+LIVE meals are a great fit for people who have a heart-related condition, are at high-risk for Type 2 diabetes, recently discharged from a healthcare facility or simply have a desire to eat and live healthier.

Cleveland Clinic Go! Healthy approved

Along with the great tasting lunches and dinners, you will receive a healthy living magazine complete with recipes, articles and tips designed by Wellness experts from the Cleveland Clinic.



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